Twitter and Authenticity

     Authenticity is everything in life. Some marketers would disagree on the grounds that you don’t want a doctor to be authentic, you want him to be a professional (can’t remember if it was in This is Marketing by Seth Godin or The Thank You Economy by Gary Vaynerchuk).

     But I would argue that being professional is being authentic to the deals we’ve made and our obligations. Working when we don’t want to is authenticity. It is honoring our word.

     Authenticity is what social media is about. I recently passed 50 followers on Twitter and received a notification “congrats on 50 virtual units, whore yourself out to get to 100”.

     To be fair, Twitter didn’t use those exact words…

     The sooner businesses realize they need to be authentic to be worth following, the sooner they can have success.

     And more important than realizing that ROI exists on social media is understanding what that means for us. We can’t afford to be timid and hide from what we stand for. If we are milquetoast we bring less value to our family, our friends, our community, and our work.

     Make no mistake, there’s also an element of strategy involved in growing on Twitter, but as long as we are coming from the position of truly wanting to engage and help, we have nothing to lose. Connect with people, build those relationships, and be humble enough to let people call you out when you’re out of line or missing the mark.

     Heck, tell people your goal and ask them to hold you accountable.

     Coming up this week, I’ll be sharing my strategies for social media more in-depth. Like Gary Vaynerchuk beats down the throat of his community, I’m going to be documenting over creating. 

     In a nutshell, my blog will be for expanding on ideas and longer-form content. Twitter will be my more unfiltered voice. Instagram will be some behind-the-scenes stuff and more casual. YouTube will be used for posting short video updates and to keep that crowd informed on what is going on. Facebook and Pinterest, currently, are used for sharing these blog posts.

     It’s a long journey ahead, but you can count on Marketing Boon LLC to be authentic to its vision and principles. We will make mistakes, we will alienate some people and bring others closer. But that’s life.

     Shameless plug – you should totes follow us on Twitter. We don’t shy away from the culture war. We will always fight for our principles.

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Jake Gambino

Jake Gambino

Jake Gambino is the President and founder of Marketing Boon LLC. After ten years of experience working in the healthcare industry and seeing the same problems appear, he decided to do something about it and started his own business to bring new solutions to old problems.

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