Truth or Demise

The problem with the status quo

I’m a big believer in convergent truth, that truth is applicable across all areas and industries. The truth of leadership applies in war, business, and family. Truth of human nature influences all of the aforementioned, as well.

History is a great source of these truths. While watching a documentary about the liberation during WWII, I thought about the truth that the status quo shouldn’t always be followed.

The status quo is what led French policemen to send their Jewish neighbors to a death camp. The Nazi occupation was the status quo, and the local policemen followed their orders just as many others did.

The status quo is what prevented retailers to overlook online retail. Businesses become so entrenched in what they are doing, they forget to ask themselves what should they be doing.

Now, make no mistake, business challenges are nowhere near comparable to the horrors of war and genocide. It’s apples to oranges. That being said, why can’t fruit be compared?

What do we do about it?

We speak up and share our truth. Don’t accept the status quo to protect the status quo. Question its validity. Question its effectiveness. If it turns out that the status quo is still the best practice and ensures success, then by all means continue doing it.

But don’t continue it just because it is what is expected. After all, if we won’t speak up against a stupid policy, what do you think are the chances we would have the courage to speak up in a more dire situation?

Truth doesn't have to be boring

While speaking our truth should be done with the authority it deserves, it doesn't mean we have to be martyrs. There are more important things in life and we can't let the workplace and its shortcomings turn is into hardened individuals. Have some fun and know that truth is on your side.
Look I just successfully compared apples and oranges meme
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Jake Gambino

Jake Gambino

Jake Gambino is the President and founder of Marketing Boon LLC. After ten years of experience working in the healthcare industry and seeing the same problems appear, he decided to do something about it and started his own business to bring new solutions to old problems.

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