The People Business and Grant Cardone

Recently, I was listening to Grant Cardone’s Sell or Be Sold on Audible (for the second time) and he articulates a business truism very well–we aren’t in the sales, marketing, or recruiting business. We are in the people business.

Too many businesses shy away from connecting to the individual. They present themselves as radically neutral. This can work for some businesses, specifically consumer goods. Where it falters is in the service industry.

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(As an aside, Grant Cardone’s books on Audible are pure bliss to listen to.)

When we shy away from being ourselves or standing for our beliefs, we become irrelevant. No one will care what we have to say and we won’t create any lasting loyalty. 

As an individual and business owner, I will never shy away from my beliefs. The truth will set us free.

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Jake Gambino

Jake Gambino

Jake Gambino is the President and founder of Marketing Boon LLC. After ten years of experience working in the healthcare industry and seeing the same problems appear, he decided to do something about it and started his own business to bring new solutions to old problems.

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