Early Twitter Strategy

     Like I said in my last post, I want to share some of my strategy that I have for social media. For starters, I will be focusing heavily on one platform at a time. Eventually, I will be utilizing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and YouTube for different purposes. 

     Initially, I’ll be focusing on Twitter and today I will be going over my goal for the platform, the strategy, and the tactics. We will be closing with some concerns I have and challenges that I see on the horizon with the platform.

Marketing Boon LLC's Goal for Twitter

     The goal for Twitter is to engage with communities, whether it is people who believe in my mission and will never have a need for my service, executives who do need it, or businesses that desperately need it. 



     Strategy is all about the big picture. It is a focus on the broad concepts that we will be utilizing to accomplish our goal. My strategy, at its core, is to simply connect with individuals that share my values and do so in a (mostly) unfiltered way.



     The strategy is the broad stroke, the tactics are the nitty-gritty details. In marketing, talking about tactics can come off as being insincere, but that’s just because tactics are often kept behind closed doors or communicated in such a way that they dehumanizes the act.


     So what are my tactics?


     For starters, I will be commenting and discussing things that interest me and others. Some users on Twitter will follow back almost instantaneously (as you may have guessed by the huge amount of follow bots that make Twitter an often annoying place to be). Others are more particular with the platform. It’s the latter that require tactics.


     Just recently, there was a Twitter user that I was discussing healthcare with. He seemed to be a good dude and someone I’d like to keep around so I gave him a follow. By following him, I saw his activity. I noticed that he didn’t follow me back.


     So when I saw a post of his that intrigued me, I added my two cents to the matter (note: it was a sincere addition to the discussion, not pandering for follows). Shortly thereafter, I saw that he liked the reply and followed back.


     These small tactics can have a big impact as long as they are authentic interactions.


     Down the line, I will hopefully do a “what I’ve learned” post as I find and implement better tactics. For now, consider this a mere teaser.


     There is no such thing as perfect. I love Twitter as a tool for connecting with communities and individuals. But I also have serious concerns when it comes to scaling the platform. With under 100 followers, it is easy to stay connected to each user. Once I reach a point of 10,000 this will become almost impossible without drastic changes to the business and hiring additional staff. 


     Big companies have entire social media departments managing their social media. Those that don’t need to reach out to me as soon as possible and start one.


     Starting out from zero can be a tough gig, but it will be worth it to change the biggest issues facing today’s corporate climate. I’m not sure if I’ll ever reach a point of total satisfaction or be engaged on Twitter to the level that I’d like to, but I’ll be damned if I don’t try.


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Jake Gambino

Jake Gambino

Jake Gambino is the President and founder of Marketing Boon LLC. After ten years of experience working in the healthcare industry and seeing the same problems appear, he decided to do something about it and started his own business to bring new solutions to old problems.

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